EPSON r2880 communication error

Epson r2880 printer loaded with Piezography ink set.
3-4 months ago the Ink light came on. All 8 cartridges were refilled/topped up using the Refillable Cartridge System. The cartridge chips were reset using ACC-Resetter-SF. All 8 cartridges were snapped into the printer. When checked to make sure all the cartridges were full using Printer Utility 4 Version 9 or Print Utility 4 version 9.6, all cartridges registered as full and the Ink light went out. Printer made excellent prints.

A few months later, the ink light came on again. I filled the cartridge indicated by the Leds above each cartridge. The printer worked fine but after a few prints, another led lit up. I topped up and reset all the cartridges. None of the leds above each cartridge were on, the ink level was to the top in each cartridge (no air bubbles). I cleaned the pins with piezoflushe before inserting the cartridges. When I went to print, the printer started the print cycle and then quit and the ink light came on. The Epson status monitor said there was a communication error. This was unlikely to be a damaged cable because the cable was essentially untouched since the last print. I also connected the printer to a different computer with the Piezography print driver and Print Tool and got the same results.

I went into Print and Scanner, opened Options and Supplies, opened supplies and got a “cartridges not recognized” message. I tried to print a test page without success. When I checked the ink levels with Print Utillity 3 and 4, Utility 3 showed all cartridges as empty and Utility 4, as full.,

Communications Error usually means there is an issue between the printer and computer. Re-installing the driver, deleting the printer, and re-adding the printer usually solves this.

After doing this, I suggest you pull all carts, reset them manually, top them off, and place them back in the printer with the printer unplugged.

Turn the printer back on (USB not plugged into your computer).

Then see if all the carts are correct (no lights) and then plug the printer back into computer.