Epson R2000



Does IJM sell ink/carts for the R2000? There is a refurbished R2O00 I could get, but if there are no inks from IJM I’ll probably pass on it.



We do not support the R2000 printer with either Carts or inks, sorry!

[B]We do not support the R2000 printer for color printing[/B]. [B]We do have K7 inks available for this printer[/B] however. Larry has been in contact with us through our email and were inquiring on a COLOR printer option, R2000 vs 1430.

We only sold 1 set of the R2000 carts over a very long time period, so we discontinued the sale of the cartridges. After a customer fueled some sales, we put them back on the market. I wasn’t aware of this as of yesterday when I posted this thread (sorry for the confusion).

SO, you can purchase R2000 carts and you can print K7 with your R2000 using the curves supplied from the QTR curve library supplied from QTR.


Eh? As you may recall, I just ordered some R2000 carts, even though they weren’t listed on the website any more. They should be here any day. [[I]edit: they arrived today[/I]] Does this mean that you’ve now disposed of the remaining stock of those carts and I couldn’t order any more if needed?

As for inks, IJM doesn’t supply colour inks for that printer, but you can use K7 inks in it, with the curves for the R1900.


Actually, the carts are listed on the IJM website. Go to Accessories, Piezoflush Cleaning kits, Epson Stylus Photoprinters, R2000. Does this mean IJM is selling them until the stock is gone?

I had wondered about using the carts, then the K7 inks + R1900 curves. However, like the K3 curves for the Artisan 1430, there are none for Red River Papers. I can understand why IJM wouldn’t produce profiles for Red River Papers, but it would be nice to know if the Epson profiles for the equivalent papers would produce close results.

However, if IJM no longer supports the R2000, it would be a risky buy to get that refurbished R2000 if I wanted to continue using Cone inks. It looks like I’ll be getting the Artisan 1430 and Inkthrift CL. It would be nice to try the pigment inks in it also, but it would be a risk trying Red River paper. I’ll try the dye ink with matte papers and see how it goes.

Thanks Kelly, you’ve been a great help for me in choosing a printer for general colour prints and matte prints.



So they are! Well that’s new. The last time I asked I was told [here] that they had been delisted. I wonder what changed?

In what sense does IJM not support the R1900/R2000? There are carts, and if not there are also other suppliers. The K7 inks will always be the K7 inks, there’s no special inks for the R2000. The curves are there now, bundled with QTR for matte and on the website for gloss. The only downside is getting new curves, as IJM have their R1900 in mothballs as I understand it. But you could pay to have one done or use Roy Harrington’s relinearisation droplet to adapt an existing one to a new paper. In effect that’s the same as any other printer. Not sure what more support you need.

You’d be surprised how alike some of these papers are. I suspect that the standard Epson or Ilford curves would be close, and the droplet would pull it into line. I have some Red River Pecos Gloss here and could check its linearity against the IGFS curve on my R1900. That curve works well not only for IGFS, but also Ilford Smooth Gloss and Pearl. My understanding is that these three papers all have much the same coating, despite differences in substrate and surface texture. I bet Red River is not far off. I can test if you’re interested.

My carts arrived today. Now all I need is a new printer.


Thanks Brian,
Given Jeff’s experiences with non Epson/IJM carts, I’m not willing to mess around. If these carts tend to start leaking after a few of years, I will want a printer that IJM will support for a few years. If I had more time, I’d try it out. Besides, that refurbished R2000 is gone now.

Besides, I’m not ready to try piezography, yet!