Epson R-3000 3 Ink Cartridges Cannot Be Recognized



R-3000 LK, PK, MK are not being recognized. LK and MK are factory PK is Inkjet Mall.
I pulled the MK factory and put in a new factory with no improvement.
Since the one factory replacement did not help I hesitate to change the others, without advice.
I have no more factory to try. I have not yet used the LK, and MK Inkjet that I have.
Can anyone help?


From your sales history it appears you purchased these cartridges in early Jan. of this year, that is right around the time we changed our R3000 cartridge chips to a non-battery style chip. Please verify you have the older style Battery style chips attached to these R3000 refillable cartridges (I suspect you do and have a dead battery), so I can send you replacement batteries for all of your chips to change at once.

Here is an article on how to determine which chip you have and how to replace the batteries


Thanks Kelly,
Yes it appears that I have the battery chips.
Would one chip cause the adjoining, both sides, factory chips to give me an error of not recognizing?
I have had several factory chips to use up, so I have only loaded the Y, VLM, and PK.
When replacing the battery in operating cartridges should I refill the ink?

I assume you have my address with my ordering records
I appreciate your fast response.

Walt Gray


Hi Walt,

Yes, sometimes when one cartridge gives a recognition error, others nearby will do the same.

I am sending you replacement Batteries for ALL 9 of your cartridges, please replace them all at once to avoid this problem in the future. Keep in mind these batteries will last approx. 1 year from when you replace them, so writing the date they were replaced on the side of the cart is always helpful down the road. After replacing all the batteries in the chips, top off the carts because they will all read as full again.

You should be seeing the batteries in the US post in the next 1-2 days.



Batteries received all cart batteries replaced.
Carts refilled and charged.
Test carts and all registered full.
Thank you as all are working well.
Several pictures printed as normal.


Great news! Thanks for letting us know your problems have been resolved, it’s always nice to hear.

Please do remember to replace all your batteries again in 1 year from now to avoid this problem again. You may want to write the date on the printer or the cartridges using a piece of masking tape for a date reference.


Thanks, first thing I did inside the first cover so I cannot miss it…