Epson Pro7600 "set ink cartridge" error



I recently purchased a set of refillable cartridges with flush to clean out an Epson 7600. Today, after a few weeks of not using the printer, I start up the printer to find “set ink cartridge” errors on my Light Cyan and Yellow cartridges. I have read on other forums about cleaning the chip on the cartridge itself with a cotton swab with some alcohol - but to no avail - it still renders that same error. So frustrated, what to do???


Do you have your original cartridge available to see if you can get the chip to recognize? If so, please install each one at a time and let me know the results. It is possible you have a faulty chip, possibly 2 faulty chips (although this is unlikely). Sometimes one faulty chip will cause other chips to have recognition problems as well. Also, you can try Pushing the cartridge from side to side OR push slightly inwards to see if you can make a better connection, this might indicate a fit issue with the cartridge itself. Let me know what you find, thanks-Kelly


I’ve put in the original Epson inks and all works fine. However, these two refillable carts are still giving error. I’ve tried pushing the refillable carts to see if it was a snug issue and still the error stays on.


Did you try one Epson Cartridge at a time to see if you could get a reading on all the carts at the same time? Or did you install BOTH epson carts at the same time?

Please install 1 OEM cartridge at a time to find out if you can get all the cartridges to be recognized, this will indicate which chip is possibly faulty.


Thanks for getting back to me. I tried both and one at a time - yesterday. So today is going to be a last ditch effort if anything. Otherwise…I’m simply going to give up on them and will call inkjet to see if I can get a refund or a replacement. This delay is costing me time with my clientele. Btw, what’s the failure rate of these refillable carts??? I would have to look at other options out there if there are more reliable ones available. Please advise.


The failure rate is very low on the cartridges themselves, the chips occasionally get shorted out from static electricity, this could have happened either in transit or at your location, I can’t determine that from where I sit.
I will ship out 2 replacement chips asap,


If you have a whole set of refill carts installed in your 7600 printer, and have a “set ink cart” error with one or more carts, you can simply turn off the printer’s chip sensor to eliminate the error. Instructions for doing this are included in the cartridge instructions, and I have also included them for you below.

Best regards~ Dana

[B]Disable Printer’s Chip Sensor When Using a FULL Set of Refillable Cartridges[/B][B]:[/B]
If you have a [B]FULL SET [/B]of refillable carts installed, we recommend turning off the printer’s chip sensor to turn off ink tracking, which eliminates the need to reset chips. The sensor can be easily turned back on at any time if desired.


  1. Turn the printer’s power off
  2. Hold down the paper source, down arrow and cut/eject buttons while turning the power on
  3. VIEW COUNTERS will be displayed. Press the down arrow till SERVICE CONFIG displayed, press the Enter button.
  4. Press down arrow until you see ED MODE, press the Enter button
  5. Press the down arrow till 0 is displayed, then press Enter to accept. Turn the power off.
  6. When you turn the power back on, the print should accept all the cartridges and will not count the ink printed. Keep an eye on the level of ink in your cartridges and refill them when low. You will not need to reset them.


@Kelly: Thanks. I didn’t realize one could do that here. Thanks again.

@Dana: Thanks for the info. I will try that once I revert back to the refillable carts. For now, I’m forced to used original epson cartridges to meet some clientele deadline.


Ok, please keep us posted on how things go, or if there’s anything else we can help you with.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana


Now that I’ve turned the printer’s chip sensor off, How do I turn back on???


To turn the sensor back on, go thru the same procedure, but select X or N in the ED MODE screen.


ok thanks.


You are very welcome. Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: