Epson PRO 7890


Hi There. Printer is not used too regularly however never has a problem with clogged heads using thrift ink. 2 heads the MK and LC are now clogged. Have tried 6 regular cleanings and 2 power cleanings. Still clogged. What piezo flush do you recommend and how much to purchase? Could not really find instruction on the application of the piezo flush. Thanks Richard


Hi Richard, It sounds like you are dealing with the dreaded X900 issues, this is a VERY frequent question and concern we get on the Forum, as well as experience ourselves here in the studio and R&D. Here’s a blog post on our Inkjetmall site from Jon that explains why this is happening and your options for possible repair

These are the instructions for flushing your printer with Piezoflush

There has been MANY complaints on this topic, it is an epidemic to most owners of these printer models, you can find TONS of information out there pertaining to this complaint, we have found a very useful website called, it is quit humorous and has a lot of valuable tips on repairing your printer.

Please let me know if you have any more questions, thanks-Kelly