Epson Printer Talks Back P600

Received first notice from my Epson P600, and by this I mean the printer talking back to me by means of the panel message. Beeped, and told me it didn’t like the LLK cartridge. I removed and reseated this - odd that this should be the first complaint since I think this is the Gloss, and it had plenty. Didn’t clear the message, so I removed it again, reseated it, and STILL not clearing the message, I turned the printer off and then back on.

Printer notified me this was not Epson ink. I answer, “And that’s a good thing!” so I pressed “PROCEED” and then it said something about not being Epson Genuine Ink presented it with some “issues”, I pressed “PROCEED” and it did. As a newby, I’m hoping this is the end of it, but can’t say. I’m still suspicious Epson is going to somehow wig a way to block me out. Probably paranoia? or don’t worry?

It is going to say this each time the cartridge chip resets.
You’ll all good,


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