Epson printer driver for 3880

Following the newPiezo Workshop Manual one must install the current PD from the Epson website, which I have done with the printer turned on. I have two 3880’s, but only have one connected for this process. So after downloading the current PD (9.33), I go to the System Preferences and see PD 9.33 is indeed installed. However, when I get to the Quad3880-K7 Package the printer Quad3880-K7 shows PD Version 2.7.7 which does not have the utilities button and which does not work correctly with the curves for the Quad3880-K7.
My Problem: How can I get the proper PD on the Quad3880-K7 printer?? I am on macHIGHSierra on a Mac Pro (Late 2013)

The print driver from epson is only for color printing and printing nozzle checks. You want to install QuadtoneRIP. That’s your driver.

Follow the 1,2,3,4 steps here (some of which you have probably already done): Learn Piezography & Technical Support | Piezography

There are quickstart guide videos on that page too + all the download links, etc.