Epson P9000 successor for Piezography Pro

Apologies for this self serving post, I have a P9000 running Piezo Pro inks. I may need a printhead replacement as the printer has been stored without Piezo Flush for 2 years. Is the cost of printhead replacement worth the trouble, should I replace the printer, is there a current best option for equivalent printing in the Epson line?

you may be surprised by the Piezo inks sitting for two years… give the carts a shake and make sure the chips read more than 1/3 full and waste tank more than 1/2 empty and run the INITIAL FILL… you just never know.

If you can recover 9 of the 11 inks - you can still run Pro (K4 version)

EPSON has stopped selling printers in North America that can be used with your choice of inks. Trump dismantled the Dept of Consumer Protection and so Canon EPSON HP all locked out USA consumers. Would not expect anything to change on that for at least a decade… :frowning: when it catches back up to helping enforcement of consumer protection.

That may make the print head replacement worth it to you.