Epson P9000 cleaning error

Hi all - looking for advice. I work at a school and we have a P9000 that hasn’t gotten much use lately, but we have been doing cleanings and nozzle checks every few weeks. A few days ago we switched from photo black to matte, and now it won’t switch back. It gets to 99% cleaning then says “cleaning error.” Even on startup, it occasionally says “Automatic cleaning error.”

We’ve already wasted a lot of ink along the way as whenever we turn off the machine then back on again it does a cleaning. I squirted some pizeoflush on the cleaning stations and did a flooded paper towel clean under the head.

The nozzle check prints fine so I’m not sure what the deal is.

Just updated the firmware and I get the same error when trying to switch from matte to photo black.

I haven’t run a power clean. Do you think it might help even though the nozzle check is fine??

Could this be a problem with whatever sensor reads the heads?
Is there a way to get it back to photo black through a service menu? (I’ll try to find a copy of the service manual)

Thanks for any help!

hmm, this may be under voltage on the nozzle check pad. This can cause cleaning errors that are not real. However, you may want to take top/right covers off and actually use a swabit (cleaning kit) on the head itself, not just the wipe back and forth method but actually wiping with the swabit. You can have a deflected nozzle that needs more TLC.


Thanks, Walker. I’ll order that kit and give what you suggested a try! Fingers crossed it’s not something electrical, but it’s good to know that might be an issue.