Epson P8000 Error 1489

Hi all!!

I have a Epson P8000 that I got a couple of years ago, I have done regular cleaning but I didn’t get any formal training on this machine. But it has ran 100% since I got it with little to no issues.

I as of a couple days ago stared receiving a (1489-Wiper Error) fault, I restarted it as it asks you to do so and printed without issue. I then turned it off and the next day I got the same fault again, I did a cleaning of everything and took out the wiper blade and cleaned it and put it back. I then restarted the machine and I printed again without issue. But on to today and I guess the inevitable I have received the fault code and now I can not get it to clear at all.

If anyone can help me with this…could this really be as easy as replacing the wiper blade assembly? I don’t know where the connection for the wiper sensor is to ensure it is plugged in and I also have no idea what replace the ink system unit means either. Any help would be much appreciated!!