Epson P8000 Cone full 700mm shows empty

cone I have a Epson P8000. cant get full mat black to show ink. It os full but shows empty

Please elaborate on the specifics here, what cartridge are you using, what chip (and series #) etc.


Walker I’ve given you all the iaaues and pictures regarding my matt black in 900 ml cartridge which has never worked right. First there was a nib problem that spread matt back all over my wood floor and cost me $100 of dollars diagnose and fix. now the cartridge has lots of ink in it but shows empty. I would be happy if I had a new empty cartridge and a method to transfer the ink of the old cartridge ink into the new cartridge. It is costing you only an empty Cartridge, instruction and a new chip if needed. that is a heck of a deal.