Epson P8000 and Color RIP Suggestion

If I decide to purchase an Epson P8000 my StudioPrint V.2008 (V13.0.4) RIP and ColorGPS will not support the new platform. If I remember my conversation with Ergo folks recently the cost to upgrade StudioPrint will be ~$2,000 plus an additional $2,000 for ColorGPS to support this model. Ouch!

Two questions, is the P8000 a good purchase decision and is their another color RIP out there that supports this model series and also performs linearization and icc profiling?

The the admin for studioprint forum and early tester of GPS, etc, I don’t suggest going with GPS. Use Ergosoft rip (it’s a great layout system) but use i1Profiler and the RGB Epson dither/drivers through it.