Epson P800 manual feed tray not recognized as open. Seems to be since installing decoder board

Sometimes I need to use the front feed tray on my Epson P800, but I haven’t for several months and before I installed the decoder board. Today I tried to print using the front feed and the printer gives me the notice to open the manual feed tray. The open position is not being recognized, rendering the printer unable to print, even after several tries along with re-starting the printer a couple times. I’m wondering if this has been an issue or if there is a possibility of some cable not being properly seated. I have otherwise been printing fine and everything else seems to work normally. I’m hoping you have a suggestion.

Most likely this is a problem with the small leaf switch behind the bottom-left cover at the front of your printer.
This switch is what flips and tells the printer that the front-feed is open. It is most likely stuck.