Epson p800 error 131B

Hello - I just purchased a used epson sure color p800 and when I turn it on it is giving me an error code of 0X131B. The only thing that I could find on the internet is * Code: 131B

  • Description: Head driver (transmission gate) temp. error
  • Causes: • The temperature of the head driver rises, and has reached a predetermined limit.
    • Head FFC insertion at an angle
    • Disconnection of the head FFC
    • SUB board failure
    • MAIN board failure
  • Remedy: Check the connection of the head FFC for abnormalities, such as whether it is inserted at an angle.
  1. Replace the head FFC.
  2. Replace the print head.
  3. Replace the MAIN board.

What is the head FFC? Does anyone have experience with this? I just contacted epson and hope that they get back to me. If you have any ideas, I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

FFC is the ribbon cable connecting the head to the head board above it


Walker - Do you have any thoughts about what I should do to correct this problem? Anyone that I can turn to for help? Thanks

Thank you Walker. I will reach out to them.