Epson P7900 prints good nozzle check but warns of clogged nozzles

Any suggestions or diagnoses? It prints a good nozzle check but keeps warning that nozzles are clogged and cleanings fail. Tried paired cleanings and all pairs failed. What would make the printer “think” that nozzles are clogged if they apparently are not? Thanks.

You have dust on your nozzle sensor plate. It needs a cleaning.


Thanks very much. One more question: any idea how the service manuals might refer to this part (I don’t see “nozzle sensor plate”) or hints on where to find it?

Epson does not want to admit that this problem exists so I don’t think it’s in the manual at all.

The repair guide is available at the Epson wide format forum: | Home


Thanks again for your help. Really appreciate it. Off to search through my printer for the plate to be cleaned . . .