Epson p7000 super clog

Hi All,
My p7000 started cleaning during each boot, and in January LK started developing constant clogs. The printer would run fine after cleaning, but LK would clog after a few prints. Then it developed a banding issue - two bands would appear at the beginning of each print.
I flushed it a couple of days ago with PiezoFlush and still nothing. LK still displays stubborn clogs. Is this thing dead? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
The pattern below is in the span of one month.

This is indicative of a nozzle plate delamination (a fatal error for this style of head). Please print a nozzle check and reply to this email with the image. I’d like to verify.


Hi Walker,
I updated the post above to show nozzle prints. Also, below is the line I was talking about (upper top of the print):

your LK channel on the head is delaminated. This can’t be recovered sadly.

Sorry for the bad news

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