Epson P600 with 1/4 inch faded bands every 2 1/4 inches

Even though nozzle checks are complete, I am getting 1/4 inch wide faded bands every 2 1/4 inches on my prints.

Does anyone have any idea what’s causing the issue and how I might address it?

Please let me know if these bands are parallel to the print-head movement or perpendicular (vertical).


Parallel to the head movement.

It seems to me like you have some air in your ink lines.

Re-prime your cartridges and run 2 heavy cleanings and this should fix it


Thank you Walker.

Just to confirm, I should make sure the cartridges are full of ink, and use the syringe to draw a little ink out of the outlet, then run a couple cleanings and should be back to normal?

It should. You need to run heavy cleanings though.


How do I do a heavy cleaning on a p600?

It’s right in the maintenance menu on the printer panel.

It’s also in your user manual and documentation is all over the web and Epson’s website.

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I think I’ve tried what you suggested. I can only find a way to do a head cleaning on the P600, not a deep cleaning though.

I primed all 9 cartridges and then ran 2 head cleaning cycle, but there is no change at all. I also tried printing with the quality setting instead of the speed setting that I usually use and that caused the faded bands to be closer together. There are three bands on speed vs 4 bands and quality.