Epson P600 Printing Partial Page

I have used my Epson P600 for quite some time to make digital negatives (the primary use for my printer) and in the past it has worked quite well. A couple of months ago it intermittently started only printing a partial page, leaving a blank strip on one side. Sometimes it prints the full page, other times only partial.

Any ideas what might be causing this problem? Anything I can check? I just now tried making a digital negative and three attempts resulted in three partial prints, each varying in width. I placed an image that shows these three failed prints at so that you can see what I am talking about (I cancelled the third image when I saw that it was printing just one side).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, as I am unable to make a print that I can use.

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most likely this images is at your computer’s maximum memory range. Something is maxing out the system. Down-size the image if possible. Keep everything in portrait mode as well (vertical page size, vertical image).

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Thanks for the info. I can’t downsize the image, as it needs to be as sharp as possible. Perhaps I need to restart the computer before trying to print, only having Photoshop running at the time.

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