Epson p600 piezo flush help

I bought a p600 early this year and have been refilling and printing successfully since day one. I’ve run print cleanings and nozzle checks every week day, and normally the cleanings fix any issue. Knowing how much trouble these printers can be (I used to own a canon pro-100) I preemptively bought the piezoFlush kit that Inkjet mall sells.

This past week got some errors on the nozzle checks and the built in cleanings wouldn’t fix the problem. I decided to whip out the flush kit. The cartridges came with chips so I loaded them up with ink, installed them and. per the instructions, downloaded and ran the ink charge. It ran successfully and within the hour was printing out red Piezo out all of the nozzles. I installed the normal refill CMYK ink carts back into the printer and told it to run another ink charge, --and this is where the issue started. The on screen printer error: “install ink cartridge that came with the printer. initialization starts” comes up. In addition the ink carts read as not recognized. I powered the printer down and try again. Same issue. The ink charge just won’t run. I just decide to brute force exchange the inks and print out 60 sheets of multicolor pages. It works after a while and all of the nozzles are printing their respective colors – except LLK.

I’ve run a number of cleaning cycles over the coarse of this week and their is no improvement. The weirdest part is that all of the other carts are emptying, but the LLK cart is still full. I’m assuming at this point I must have air in the line or some other type of clog that’s preventing the ink from reaching the print head?

My main question is, why can’t I run the ink charge? has anyone ever seen or dealt with this “install ink cartridge that came with the printer. initialization starts” issue before? I’d love to just blast cleaner through the heads again but can’t. I really want to be on top of this so I don’t loose the print head. All questions and advice welcome!

I think it pops this error up if one or more of your chips (on the old carts) are showing less than 2/3 full. Best thing to do at this point is run 3 cleanings in a rows and see if this gets your air out.

We are evaluating P600 chip resetters for this reason but have not made a definitive decision on their stability.

In the future, you do not need to go full-hog flush when you start seeing the issues described above. All you really need to do is clean the interior of the print flush/clean area + the bottom of the head.


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