Epson P600 - Matte black does not print at all on test or print

All of the colors print well with OEM cartridges, but mate black not at all. Have cleaned the printheads with paper towel and piezoflush. Have cleaned the cap pad. Have not run piezoflush through the print head, tubes, etc. I hate to dump a lot of flush and ink in the maintenance pad. Any ideas? Can an aftermarket maintenance tank be fitted to this printer? Thanks!

This is with the CISS? And it’s printing Photo Black well?

That means there is a restriction in the tube from the CISS tank.

Gently wiggle the bottom of the ink tube where it angles at 90 degrees and goes into the bottom of the MK ink tank on the CISS. There may be a weld issue there.

Then do 1 cleaning. If there is a small amount of air in the MK ink line just before it hits the ink cart, you should see it go forward during the ink clean. if not, it means there is still a restriction and we will replace the CISS.



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How does one initiate an INIT Fill on a P600? I do not see that as an option in any menu. Thanks!

The only way to init-fill the P600 is to download the maintenance adjustment software from and run it from that application. Or you can simply do lots and lots of cleanings.