Epson P600 Conversion Questions

I just bought a used P600 and intend to convert it for Piezography Pro inks, for use with my Windows based computer. After reading the instructions on the site, I have some questions:

First, the instructions say to download the Espon Service Adjstment software from On that site, there are two versions - one is called Epson Sure Color SC-P600 (EAI) Ver.1.0.1 Service Adjustment Program. The other is Epson Sure Color SC-P600 (EURO) Ver.1.1.3 Service Adjustment Program. Which one should I use?

Second, the instructions suggest doing a purge of the color inks by inserting cartridges with PiezoFlush, and not to use the cartridges that will have ink installed in them. I assume that means that I need to buy another full set of cartridges, no? Also, how much flush needs to be in the cartridges to run the necessary purges - fill them up, 30mll, some other amount?

Third, anything else I need to do to get the printer ready apart from the instructions online?

Thanks for your help,

John Wylie