Epson P600 CISS not recognized


I purchased a CISS kit from you for my Epson P600. I filled the tanks as per directions (by the way, the cyan tank was extremely difficult to get flowing for some reason while the others were easy). When I install the cartridges into the printer, the printer gives me an error message stating that they were installed incorrectly and that I should re-install by pushing down on the cartridge. I have tried several times to no avail.

During this process, I noticed that neither MK or PK has a chip. I did notice that the kit came with a reset chip but I could not find anywhere in the instructions or online whether the MK and PK cartridges should have a chip. Should they? If so, they are not there.

Any help would be appreciated. I currently have a 4900 set up with neutral inks and just purchased a kit for a new P800 that I am setting up for DN. I am really hoping you can help me get this P600 running for warm inks. By the way, I am running Piezo K7 through the P600.


Forrest Zerbe
Instructor of Art, Photography

Colorado Mesa University

Please check the packaging. The CISS gets checked and wrapped before boxing and the chips could have come loose. This is why we tell people in our instructions to verify there is no loose objects from the kit that may have fallen due to rough shipping treatment.

If you don’t have the packaging we’ll need to send you out an MK and PK replacement chip for the P600.


Hey Walker,

Thanks for getting back to me. I hadn’t the time last semester when we purchased this to get the printer set up. Beginnings of the semester are a little less hectic then end of semester. I hadn’t noticed the missing chips. I have the original packaging but they are not in there. All the others are there just not the black.

Should this effect the way the printer recognizes the other cartridges too? I read on a forum that if one chip is bad, or in this case missing, the printer might not recognize any of them.

Thanks for the help.


Yep. Need all the chips before it does the detection.


Thanks so much Walker. As long as I teach photography here at CMU we will be purchasing plenty. of inks from you. I appreciate the help.

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