Epson P600 Can I Remove Printer Cover?

Since I’m using the refillable carts with my Epson P600, the printer cover can’t be closed and it rests on top of the carts. I thought this would be OK, and it is, but after a while I find that it’s a bit annoying. I wondered if there is any way to remove the printer cover permanently?

I would keep it on to keep the dust from falling into your printer.

Thanks Walker (sorry for the late reply, I never got an email notification).

You have a very good point … however, I keep my printer covered when it’s not in use with a cover I got from Digital Deck Covers. I probably should have mentioned that in my original question. This external cover should be good enough, don’t you think?

When the printer is in use, I doubt that the actual printer cover is as effective anymore in keeping dust out during operation, since it is now propped up quite a bit by the carts. However, I’m just guessing, I don’t really have any way of knowing that for sure.

If you think (or know) that during printer operation it’s better to have a propped up cover than no cover at all, then I’ll put with the minor annoyance. What do you think?

Thanks Walker … I’ve been having trouble finding a video that shows how to remove the cover. In the only video I did find, it seemed like the whole “chassis” had to come off with the cover (but the guy was dismantling it for some kind of conversion project). I obviously don’t want that:

I’ll keep looking, but if I can’t find anything else, I’m giving up.

As long as you feel that dust or other things won’t fall in the print path, go for it. You will have to unscrew and remove the back plastic plate and most likely the sides as well to get at the connectors for the cover.



Your comments on the P600 with the new InkJetMall cartridges have been interesting. I have the same cartridges with a P600 printer too. I like the extra size of the cartridges but it does make the printer look like it was supercharged with the cartridges sticking out of the top. I was hoping for an easy solution too but ran into the sames issues of how to easily remove the top printer cover. It certainly does not appear to be a simple process. The video you found on how to convert a P600 to a Direct to Garment (DTG) printer exposed a lot of pointers on how to access the internal components but the final cover removal was not easy and removed more skin from the printer than I would want to remove. There may be an easier way to do this but I don’t think so.

They noted in the video that they had access to an Epson P600 Service Manual that explains how to access components in the printer for repair. It looks like the Epson SC-P600 Service Manual is available from for $19.99 as a downloadable PDF file at this URL SC-P600 Series printers Service Manual and Connector Diagram New! - Service Manuals download service

I think I will be leaving the cover on my P600 sitting on the cartridges for now too.


I’d hate to spend $20 on that manual, only to find out that there wasn’t a way to remove only the cover and nothing else.

Looks like we’re stuck with the cover sticking up. The think I dislike about it most is that, before, I often put things on top of the printer,temporarily … usually things like a few prints that I just did. Now I can’t do that anymore!!! :frowning_face:

If the open sensors of your printer are not missing or knocked out of position, close open doors to the printer and see if the message is lost. Open all of your printer’s doors and close again if the message is still displayed, to make sure they are properly closed. Switch the printer off and reset it for the computer.

Where there remains the message ‘Open cover’ after your printer doors re-close and the printer is restarted, please check the frequent printer manual for your area’s service center. Contact the press to repair or the press manufacturer if a service center is not in your area – a telephone number to contact the manufacturer for repair will also be included in your printer manual.