Epson P400 v P600

I think I need a new printer and am trying to decide whether to get an Epson P400 or P600. I understand that the original Epson inksets differ for these printers, but if converted to Piezography Pro inks is there a difference between the printers? Epson says they have the same resolution, and each prints 13x19 if I am not mistaken. Any input would be appreciated.

Dear John, there is no different between the P400 and P600 when piezopro is used however the P400 has no automated black ink switching to you would need to remove the PK cartridge and place the MK cart in there to swap between Photo Black and Matte Black printing . . that is the only different.

Warm regards

Thanks for your reply. I am going to get a P600 I think.

John Wylie