Epson p400 printing pale

We have a relatively new p400, not used heavily. Last week it started printing wahed out looking prints from the same files where previous prints were fine. I suspect one of the channels is not printing properly. At first it was printing small pictures ok and large ones (11x17s) pale. then all were pale. Nozzle checks before and after printing are perfect. I have changed all the carts. Thinking it was a software issue (Walker gave me this idea). I updated the printer firmware and deleted the QTR print tool and the epson driver and reinstalled. Then it printed a few small pictures well, but as soon as we went to an 11 x 17 it was washed out again. Now even the small ones, (2x3) are pale. Can a printhead be clogged or malfuctioning even with good nozzle checks? How can I tell which channel is bad? Is it worth flushing all the channels? We have not changed any settings on the print tool. Using piezography Warm neutral K7. Thank you for any help.

As I explored this more it seems there may be an air flow problem with the HD matte black cart since it fades on a big print. The air vent channel appears to have ink in it even though recently changed. I have replaced it with a a blank cart after transfering the chip (this time not overfilling and keeping my finger on the vent) and succesive prints of increased size look ok up to 2x 6. I will try a larger one tomorrow. I Stiil don’t know if I am barking up the wrong tree. JW

Tape over the fill hole and prick a tiny hole in it. This will allow for venting.


You had given me that tip in the past and it worked then but not now. Thanks.

So I bought a new set of carts and initial printing on small prints (2x2") was fine for a half dozen or so. Then we had the same problem of pale prints. Taping over the fill hole and adding a pin hole worked in the past temporarily helped but then resulted in leaking of the ink and ink marks on the prints. This time when I did it after a few cleanings the cart totally emptied out. In spite of meticulously following filling instructions I do see a small amount of ink in the horizontal bottom of the vent channel. Any other suggestions?
So we still can’t print with a relatively new p400. What other small format printers are supported now, even if I have to get them in Europe? Are you closer to finding a way to use other Epson printers with your ink?

We’ve seen some P400s (and R2880s before that) just not able to take ink properly. Maybe a slight mis-alignment of the ink spikes but causes pressure issues.

The P600 style printers are significantly more dependable as their are internally pressure regulated.


Will the p 600 take non-epson inks. Does it use your piezography warm neutral K7 ink system?

Yes and yes


It appears the p600 is no longer being made. Are there any other epson printers which would fit the bill.

How close are you to being able to supply everything for a p700 from Europe? Thanks

While you will need to source the cartridges and resetter, we can give you everything else!

The P800 ink set will do it:


Piezography Pro, BW Toning system, Set of 9 Inks - 110ml



Sorry for all the questions but we are talking big expenditures for our small amount of printing.

  1. Your website said you are working on stuff for the p700. Will this eventually include carts? The website also says alot of refillable carts out there are unreliable.
    Will we be able to use our K7 pizography warm neutral inks of which we have just purchased a fair amount? If not is there a time limit on returning unopened bottles?
    Thank you for answering my persistent questions. Because of the expense of ordering printers from Europe and new inks I have to admit we considering abandoning your ink system even though it gives great results (when it works.)

K7 WN will work on the P900. The P900 is essentially the same dot configuration as the P600 so anything that works in the P600 will work in the P700 and P900s.

But most likely we will not be able to support the US models, only the EU models. For that you’ll need to go through an EU cartridge/resetter supplier. But any of our ink sets for Piezo will work in those models. We have tested this in-house.