Epson P400 ppd file

Hello. As I await my new Piezo Pro inks for my Epson SureColor P400, I am in need of the P400 ppd file. As of now,: I have setup and tested the P400 (it works…); have downloaded and installed the QuadToneRip software, downloaded the Piezography Community Edition file, and installed the Piezography Pro Curves.
When I run the QTRgui, the program comes up ok, and I am able to select the printer name for the P400. However, when I select QuadP400-Pro in the Printing Model in QTR, an error comes up saying there is no ppd file found for the P400.

I went through the forums here and one post related to PiezoDN had the same problem. One suggestion was to select QuadR2000-Pro for the Printing Model. Moreover, the thread went on to refer to the PiezoDN forum for an answer. As I write this, I cannot find a post answering this. I should say that when I do select the R2000 Printing Model, the ppd error goes away.

Is it ok for me to use the QuadR2000-Pro Printing Model for my Pro ink work? Or do I need to do something else to make it work right/better? I do note that the R2000 and the P400 are very similar, such as 8 inks in the same positions in the printer.


Using the R2000 PPD will work just fine. Waiting on Roy Harrington to make the PPD but I might just include the PPD in the next install of the Community Edition.

best regards,

Thanks very much for your quick response, Walker!