Epson P-600 piezo ink cartridge issues

I’m a newbie. I’ve just installed a complete set of piezo cartridges on a used P-600 and have run the QTR purge page. This uses a lot of ink, so I topped up my 60ml cartridges during the process. I’m now getting a message on the printer “You have not installed genuine Epson ink cartridges”, as well as an “X” signifying replace the ink carts on the LLK and LK carts. All the cartridges have ample ink in them. Does anyone have suggestions as to next steps. Thanks!

Please hit the continue button. If that does not work there is a chance that epson went and zapped third party on this printer in which case you will need to make it chipless.

Frankly chipless is the way the go in the long run. Saves you a ton of grief.


Thanks, Walker. The P600 is printing as it should, but I will definitely look into chipless.

By ‘Epson zapped’ do you mean before purchase, or a software download-type change to an in-use printer?

I have a new P600 in a box, waiting to set up with ConeColor ink. So I’m curious…

Your carts include a self-resetting chip? Using the ‘chipless’ with your carts is OK?