Epson P-5000 / P-5070 in Australia - Ink + long time storage

Hi , as the header says I have a Epson P-5000 / here named P-5070.
1 – I know that the USA model does not allow Inkjetmall cartridges but as far I know the Australian model does … or does not ???
2 – I have used piezo-flush with success on older printers , not yet on the new P-5000 .
What I like to know :
I am going on a journey for two months and want to preserve the printer. Replacing the ink for piezo-flush is the answer - but only if I can use aftermarket cartridges. If not …? Is there any other way of keeping the printer head alive for two months without printing ?

We have not verified that any AU chips work. The cart dimensions are the same size for this printer so there is no reason why they wouldn’t work. You would have to pop our the channel “keys” because these are set for the 4900 but the carts themselves should work. But we don’t know of an Australian chip source for this printer.


Thanks - will keep on searching.
Is there an other trick to keep the head OK - placing on a pad soaked with piezo-flush perhaps ?

Best way to do it with this printer is to keep the printer in a large trash bag with a pan of water next to it on the table (also inside the bag) to maintain humidity. If possible in basement, (dark, more humidity)

Humidity is the key.

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