Epson OEM Chip Sets

I have been using the ConeColor inks in my Epson 3880 for a couple of years now and am ready to pull the trigger and jump into Piezography.

My plan is to get 2 more sets of carts, one for PiezoFlush and one for the Piezography inks. I had been thinking that i needed to have OEM chips for those carts as well but don’t seem them available on Inkjet Mall any longer. What do other users normally do? As I see it I can either source more OEM chips somewhere or move the set that I have from one cart set to the next as I change or clean.

I have found a couple of sellers on eBay who have empty original Epson carts available for pretty reasonable prices. One of them has the Magenta (T5803) and Light Magenta (T5806) but not the Vivid (T580A & T580B) ones. Can I use the first ones in the 3880 or are they only compatible with the 3800 model printer?

Thanks for any thoughts and comments.

you can NOT use the Magenta and Light Magenta chips in a 3880. You will need the Vivid Magenta and Vivid Light Magenta. Ask me how I know this :frowning:
I purchased sets of empty OEM carts on EBayto acquire the necessary chips. IJM may have some for sale, but they don’t list them on the website. Contact Wells at IJM to inquire.

It is possible to move the OEM chips from your Color Carts to your Piezography Carts then you Flush Carts. Tedious and likely prone to errors, but doable. I chose to purchase enough chips so each cart gets its own chip.

Good Luck,

Thanks John, I suspected that was the case. Sorry you had to learn the hard way.

No doubt moving the OEM chips from one set of carts to another will be tedious, but certainly the most cost effective.

I will check with Wells as you suggested and see what they have available.

Take Care,