Epson ink light stays on

Just cleaned my printer with PiezoFlush. Works great!
But after putting the old ink cartridges back in, the printer now shows 4 out of 6 of them out of ink.
Here is what I’ve done to try to fix it:
I removed and reinstalled all cartridges to be sure contacts were clean and they were correctly installed.
I disabled “Epson Status Monitor 3” in Printing Preferences.
I shut printer and computer down and restarted both.
Same thing - 4 cartridges show empty and the printer won’t work.
I know this isn’t a PiezoFlush issue but can someone please help?


I checked your account and I do not see that you are using our cartridges. I will try and help but need some more info.

  1. Are these Epson cartridges? What are the cartridges if not Epson?
  2. Were they full, near full, or near empty when you last used them?