Epson I SP 9800

Hello everyone. I need some urgent advice… when I turn on my 9800. I have a message.
Lift, left hand ink lever. I do as instructed. However, this does not change anything. the Printer is still blocked. Even if I try to clean the memory with. the 3 second hold of the reset button. However. still blocked. Ive have disconnected the small wire which is situated on the side of the ink box, and reconnected it . still no luck. Ive switched of the 9800 and restarted it , No luck. I can not access the menu or make any other functions work. no matter how many times I lift and lower the handle. Nothing changes.

Please. If any one has any ideas, I would really appreciate their advice. I have large prints to make, for 3 exhibitions. Tie is not on my side.

Many thanks in advance.


I think what happened is the actual wire connecting the lever/switch sensor to the main-board is broken. You need to remove the ink bay, take the top off and look at that switch. It’s a swivel switch connected to a wire. The swivel may be broken or the wire itself.


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Thank you Mr walker. Is their a way. I can temporarily fix the problem. Ie take off the wire?

Sadly it’s either fixed or not. There is no temporary solution here,


Thank you for this info.
Do you know where I can buy the piece ?

you may want to call Compass Micro


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my problem. Have a good week. David