Epson enhanced matte paper


Hi, been offered a number of rolls of this paper at a very good price, I see there is curve EPEnhancedMatte is the the correct curve for this paper?

Any thoughts or experience with this paper?

Was thinking of using it for initial proof printing and possible alternative to my current papers.



It’s a good proofing paper. It’s not archival by any means (and it essentially comes pre-scuffed), but good for proofing.



What do you mean by “pre-Scuffed” ?


Is there a profile for this paper w/ Pro inkset? It wasn’t on the list when I downloaded them.

IMO it’s important to have one - a widely-used and inexpensive paper for proofs and workprints.



Ok great will get the rolls and use it for proofing and testing.


The Hahn Photo Rag curve is quite linear on this paper. It will work.

Will come out with full set of Epson media types soon.