Epson C88+ and Piezo inks

I’ve been printing B&W for clients for years using Inksupply’s Ultratone inks, but lately they’ve been hit and mostly miss on keeping inks in stock so I’m looking to switch suppliers. I love the C88+ because it handles the paper I need to use very well and the results have been very good. It seems to me that the Piezo inks should be a good solution (am I wrong?) but need to know which tones with work best in a four-color configuration. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!

At the moment we do not sell carts for this printer. Piezo requires K6 (6 channels) or more to operate as it is no longer a quadtones system.

That being said

If you wanted to experiment with your current printer, the Pro inks (Black, Dark Grey, Medium Grey, Light Grey) could work very well but you would need to tinker a bit.

Mixing 18%warm 82%cool will get you a very good neutral,


Great! I’ll look into the Pro ink set. Refillable carts for this printer are east to come by. THANKS!