Epson Artisan 1430 Printing Very Slowly


I recently upgraded to the ConeColor from InkThrift in my Epson Artisan 1430. Everything looks great, color-wise, but now my printer is extremely slow. To the point that it won’t finish a page.

I’m trying to print 11x14 pages for my portfolio and it gets about 80% done and just stops.

I’ve deleted all the drivers, preferences, etc, and re-installed, turned the computer off and on, turned the printer off and on, tried compressing the file so it’s 9.5MB.

What else can I do? I hate to get a new printer after just buying this ink. And now they don’t make the Artisan 1430 anymore, anyway!

Can someone help me here?



This is probably a system issue or a usb cord issue.

What I suggest:

  1. Replace the USB cord (if you are trying to use wifi, switch to USB).
  2. Create a new user on your system, re-install the printer/driver, and print from that new user.
  3. Make sure the file you are printing is no more than 360 pixels per inch at print size (11x14, etc).

Most likely one or all of these will fix your issue.

Thank you so much! I guess it had nothing to do with the ink. It’s printing normally now with the USB cable in a different port.

I appreciate your timely response.