Epson 9900 "You Need To Install Manufacturer's Software"

I’m a long time user of Epson printers and have never had this problem. I’ve installed all of the drivers and software to run my Epson Printers on my iMac with an SSD Drive.
After a short time I try to run the Stylus Utility and now for each of my printers I get the message you need to install the manufacture’s software. Of course I do reinstall and it works for a bit then this happens again.
I’ve run disk utilities repair for the ssd but there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the drive.
Any suggestions?

Sorry I know this may not be the place to ask technical questions about my printer or computer but my thinking is no one has more experience with Epson printers and the Mac then users of Piezography.
Thanks for your patience.

  1. Delete the printer in System Preference > Printers & Scanners.

  2. Delete the entire epson folder: >Library>Printers>EPSON

  3. I would then download and install the Epson driver

  4. You may need to also do this for any other epsons you have connected.

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Also, you should have a sheet of paper loaded in the printer - this is a quirk that Epson may have removed with the newest driver, but I have always found it necessary to have a loaded printer before any firmware updates will run.

You don’t want to update firmware fyi . . . this is just the driver from the Epson site.

Updating firmware on epson printers generally just screws them up for third party cartridge use at this point . . .

cheers, -W

You are not by any chance using one of the Mac OS10.14 betas? There is a printing problem with beta 5 and 6. You have to move the contents of the CUPS folder in the print section of /usr/libexec (type this into Go/Go to Folder in Finder) into a temporary folder then delete the CUPS folder and restart. You then move the contents from the temporary folder back into its original location and restart again. Finally you have to reset the whole printing system, by right clicking in the left hand box of the printers dialog box in System Preferences then reload your printers. What you are doing by this roundabout procedure is recreating the CUPS caches and clearing out any old ones.

No I’m still on Sierra. I’ve actually used the Epson uninstall download to delete the drivers from all of my printers and reinstalled them with no luck.
I’ll try going to the library and manually removing them.
Of course I deleted them first from the Systems Preferences. This is an odd one.