Epson 9900 very light to no orange



I have recently run into the issue of having no orange in my prints from an Epson 9900. It is also very difficult to discern the orange pattern in a nozzle check. I have used the QTR calibration mode to print a 10 color strip and it prints well. I have had the printer for 3 years. I have run piezoflush through using INIT FILL. I have also replaced the ink selector unit. I am now at my wits end as to what could be causing this problem. Any help?



Hi Chris~

After reviewing your order history, I see you bought the set of 9900 refill cart and ConeColor orange ink in June 2014.

How often have you been agitating your ink cartridges?
How often is your printer used vs. how long does it sit unused?
What is the lot# on your orange ink bottle?

Please let me know, so I can help you past this and back to happily printing.
Thanks~ Dana


I agitate every week.
I use the printer every week.
I can’t tell you the lot number, because I threw out the bottle after filling the cartridge.


Thanks for the additional information.
When did you first notice the orange was printing light, or when was it last printing correctly?
Are all other channels printing well?


All other channels are printing fine.

The orange started printing light to none about 4-6 weeks ago. I then went ahead and changed out the ink selector, thinking that it had gotten clogged, and it was time anyway seeing that it was well past its service life.


Hmmm… I’m going to send you some fresh OR ink. Please empty your OR cart, and refill it with fresh ink after shaking the bottle, then use QTR calibration mode to print flush sheets from the OR channel (I estimate you’ll need to print 6-8 square feet of pure ink coverage with your 9900 to get fresh ink from cartridge to the print head).

Please keep me posted, let me know if you have further questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana



Thanks Dana

Looking forward to the ink.

Thanks again.


You are very welcome. Please do keep me posted.

Warmly~ Dana :slight_smile: