Epson 9900 rejecting original photo black cart after running cleaning cart

Hello I purchased 3 cleaning carts and cleaning fluid all went well with 2 but the photo black cart is not recognized by the printer now. Your help would be appreciated. Jim

Hi photo_op~

After reviewing your order history I see you purchased a LK, PK + VM refill carts with PiezoFlush to clean those channels in your 9900.
How are you flushing the three channels- one at a time, or by installing all 3 carts at once and flushing all 3 channels at the same time?
Did your printer accept the PK refill cart at first, but now doesn’t?
What is the exact message displayed on the printer’s LCD panel for the PK cart?
Have you removed + reinserted the cartridge?

Please let me know so I can help.
Thanks~ Dana

I flushed in pairs. message error “ink cartridge error replace cartridge” printer accepted flush cartridge no problem only when I reinserted original photo black cartridge did I receive error message. Removed and reinstalled several times 3-4. And yes the printer accepted the pk cartridge until I ran the flush cartridge

So, you’re saying the printer worked well with the 3 refillable carts, but after flushing and reinstalling the Epson carts, your printer isn’t accepting the Epson PK cart?

that is correct

Does your printer accept the refillable PK cart?
Have you shut down the printer for a few minuted to refresh it’s memory?

[QUOTE=Dana-IJM;5239]Does your printer accept the refillable PK cart?
Have you shut down the printer for a few minuted to refresh it’s memory?[/QUOTE]

I have shut down the printer over night as well as restarting a few times. Yes the printer accepts the refillable flush

Thanks for the additional information.
It sounds like your printer is working fine, but the Epson PK chip is shorted out or for whatever reason no longer accepted by the printer. Do you remember what the ink level reading of this Epson PK cart was before installing the flush cart?
A few years ago when we got our first 7900, and were profiling it with Epson inks, I had a brand new 700ml green cart have a bad chip and the printer wouldn’t accept it- so I transferred ink into a refillable cart…

ink level about 25%

I am concerned the flush cart may have caused the “shorted out chip” since it was working fine prior to the flush

Hello I haven’t received any response in the last hour any help would be appreciated

Please understand, I work with many clients every day (in addition to writing instructions/tutorials, R+D product testing, and production printing), so aren’t able to immediately respond to everyone, but do my best to be prompt at addressing everyone’s questions/problems.

We have been selling refill carts for the 7900/9900 printer models for years, and have hundreds of customers happily using them- one at a time in combination with Epson carts, as full sets installed all at once with our various inks, or as flush carts to clean channels then reinstall Epson carts (as you have done), and I have never received a report from anyone (before you) that had problems with their printer accepting an Epson cart after using a refill cart, so I really don’t think it’s possible that the refill cart caused your Epson PK chip to go bad, but in my several years’ experience with these and many other ink carts with chips, I have discovered chips can be fragile and shorted out from static/electric shock, and can randomly just go bad- this is true even with Epson chips.

I recommend using the remaining Epson PK ink in a refill cart if you want to be abel to use all the ink in that cart.

Best~ Dana