Epson 9900 printer problem

Hello everyone,

Maybe someone has encountered a similar problem. I have a wide-format EPSON 9900 printer. Recently, the holder that holds the belt to the carriage cracked on the printer.

I replaced this plastic part. There are several settings that need to be performed according to the SERVICE MANUAL after replacing the belt.

  1. Check the belt tension force.

  2. Check the vertical position of the BELT PULLEY.

To check the vertical position of the BELT PULLEY, a program is used that moves the carriage left and right three times along the entire length of the printer. During the carriage movement, you need to visually check that the belt does not move vertically along the PULLEY. When the program is started, the carriage moves to the left and stops before reaching the end of the printing area.

A corresponding notification appears on the printer’s screen. The buttons do not respond to pressing, and you can exit this state only by turning the printer off and on again.

Every time the printer is turned on, instead of the usual image, the following image appears. What could be the cause of this malfunction? I can assume that after replacing the belt, the position of the carriage does not correspond to the position of the motor that drives the carriage belt. However, it would be more logical that every time the printer is turned on, the system should create the basic starting points of printer units.


This is a first for me that I’ve seen this particular error, I suggest listing this on the Epson Wide Format forum here: | Home

Most likely this is a tension issue . . . however you may also need to reposition the paper sensor as it’s could have also gotten loose when the head carriage sloshed around after the break.


Hi Walker

My additional questions to you:

  1. Where is this sensor located?

  2. I haven’t purchased the SONIC TENSION METER yet. I read on the Internet that you can use a smartphone application to belts tension.
    Is the smartphone application measurement method accurate?
    Have you tried measuring printer belt tension using this method?