Epson 9900 Orange Channel troubles

Hey everyone,
I recently acquired an Epson 9900 printer and I’m having some significant difficulties with the Orange Channel. The Nozzle Check has a couple of lines at the top and bottom of the channel, so I’ve run every variety of cleaning multiple times. When I attempted to print a pure orange swatch to see if I would at least get banding, the printer simply ignored the channel and gave me a totally blank print.

After that cleaned off the printhead with paper towel and piezo flush in the printer, and even flushed the lines with piezo cartridges. After running another nozzle check with the piezo, the Orange channel still only gave me a couple lines at the top and bottom. I’m thinking this is an issue with the print head at this point, but a few of the nozzles still work. Is it possible for a few nozzles to still work but the printer just ignores the channel entirely when printing?

Any suggestions on what the issue could be or a work around to get most of the color gamut back?
Thanks in advance