Epson 9900 Maintenance

Hi there, I have just received two 350ml refill cartridges for my 9900, Installed the ink and reset the cartridges and all seems fine. Howeverhe r/h maintenace tank seems to “spill over” into the holder area (this occurred before the new inks so is not related). I reset an older maintenance cartridge. Not sure what to put in there, I put normal tissues in. That part seemed to work okay, but the holder area get dirty. I cleaned it up and replaced it with a reset tank from the l/h side of the printer with the original Epson padding inside. Again, it seems to work well except for the spill over. A number of questions:

  1. Is there something blocked that is causing this to happen?
  2. What is the best material to put into the maintenance cartridge if the Epson padding is full and removed?
  3. Can the Epson padding be taken out, somehow flushed clean and then replaced?

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Is there something blocked that is causing this to happen?

See below.

Clean the Maint cart and just put a sponge in there. A hardware sponge works well (cut to size). Keeps small gap/indent in the middle where the liquid is supposed to drop.

Take it out and throw it away. Just use a sponge in there as above. If you haven’t been taking the padding out and just resetting the chip than this would cause the spilling.

Walker, I am looking around for sponge. Found large size sponge at the Auto Spares shop which is large enough. Would this work? Also asking for foam at upholstery shop; stuff used for seating. Which would be better?
I also notice that that in the bay holding the maintenance tank, there appears to be a sponge of sorts which seems saturated. Must that be removed and cleaned or replaced? If so, how do I open the bay to get access or do I simply remove it through the front of the bay; where the tank gets inserted?

Use a sponge not other stuff. Sponges generally are best to, you know, absorb liquid.

The last-chance sponge inside of the printer should probably be replaced eventually as well . . .

All of this stuff is just common sense.


Thanks Walker. I tend to be pedantic in approaching and learning about something. I appreciate all your help and advice, even if just common sense.