Epson 9900 clogged lines?

Just bought and installed Piezoflush and cartridges for an Epson 9900 that has been clogged for a few months now. On the left side, I installed C and Y. For Yellow, I can see the red solution moving through the lines, but Cyan won’t budge. It’s as if there’s a clog in/near where the cartridge is installed. I filled each cartridge with about the same amount of lush, but it also appears the Cyan hasn’t used up yet, while Yellow is significantly lower.

Please help!

This means that you have a damper that is bad.


Thanks for the help.

Replaced the damper assembly and still no luck. Did a few initial fills and nozzle checks are almost totally blank. I do see some air in the lines, which could explain some of the problem, but I fear it’s something larger. Thoughts?

Do you see the PF going through the cyan line?

Generally there are three things that can go wrong.

  1. Dampers.
  2. Cleaning assembly (vacuum motor) starts failing.
  3. Print-head appears “clogged” but is actually burned out due to printing with clogged nozzles.

There are a ton of longer explanations on this forum and others (not related to IJM products) that document the same problems and various solutions. It’s worth a search of this forum.


I replaced all of the cartridges with Pizeoflush, ran several initial fill cycles, but do not see the flush moving through the lines.

Is the vacuum motor the small assembly above the right side maintenance tank?

Yes. The “cleaning assembly” is the whole dang shebang between the print-head and Maint. tank. has them.


OK… Ordered and replaced the cleaning assembly and I can finally see ink moving through the lines. Most, but not all. Could it be something else?

Also, two of my refillable Inkjetmall cartridges are not recognized by the Epson 9900 - Y and VLM.

Thanks for all of your help on this.

please email wells and he can send replacement carts.

Related to ink movement, it’s going to take some time to get the dampers clear. It was a combo of damper and cleaning assembly that needed replacement (at same time). But it should go after an init fill or 2.