Epson 9890 Small blank spot

You also have a spot missing on LC and your Yellow channel is slowly blowing out (middle right).

I’m afraid to say this nozzle check looks like the sign of head failure, not ink clogs.


I recently purchased the Large Format Printer Cleaning Kit and ran through the processes mention on this video, How to Professionally Clean Epson 7890, 9890, 7900 & 9900 printers - YouTube. I get one small spot still during the nozzle check on my Cyan and just looking for other suggestions on what I can do?

I have tried doing a couple cleanings after the steps in the video and I also replaced the wiper assembly.

Attached is my Nozzle Check.

Thank you!

So what would you suggest going forward?

How difficult is this to do and how much would the parts be?

The head is not going to get better. Most likely MK/PK is next (as it is in a channel pair with Yellow).

You need a new head + dampers + cleaning assembly. They must all be replaced together. Or a new printer.

sorry for the bad news,

Not too difficult if you have done similar repairs of things like amplifiers, etc. I can send a maintenance manual. You need to find an epson authorized parts dealer (just search for that on google). is the one in the us.

The cost for the parts can be almost as much as a new printer though . . . :frowning:


Would you mind sending over that manual? If I end up having to buy something new, what would you suggest that would be in the same inkjet for art print mold like the epson?

I will msg you the manual.

A refurbished 9890 would give you about 2.5 yrs and cost about as much as the parts. The new SCP6000 is exactly the same printer (same amount of years) just with more expensive ink options from Epson. We’ll support it soon although we have some engineering tests to do on these new wide-format models that will take time.


They only last that long huh. That is crazy. I have had this one since 2010.

Your 9890 has lasted WAY longer than the norm. Good on you! You got your moneys worth.

(normally it’s 2 to 3.7 yrs in my own analysis before head needs to be replaced on Epson inks with this printer. More print-time is available on Piezo inks and about the same print-time as Epson inks with Cone Color inks.)


Where is a good place to look for refurbished options?

Is there anything that I can do with my old 9890 that would make it useful for anything else or will the print heads just keep failing quickly?

It would make a good screen-print film maker machine (this only requires one or more channels). UV45 black inkjet film dye ink - 1 Gallon | InkjetMall