Epson 9890 | Single Channel - Yellow is this print head salvageable?

I took sometime to use the PiezoFlush Solution on the cap assembly, flushing box and print heads.

Unfortunately, after cleaning everything with the piezo, and then running the cleaning pair cycle (2x) again - the print test > nozzle check did not show any discernible difference.

I have good/expert experience with this printer (it is my third StylusPro that I have owned).

Attached is a photo of the most recent nozzle check.

Every nozzle check looks the same as the one shown in this photo (always the same middle bands are missing). All other channels are perfect.

What next step would you recommend?

I look forward to your reply.


Sadly this is a delaminated printhead. No fix for it.


Is there any control panel setting adjusting the density of this channel in order to compensate? Maybe a certain ICC profile?

The printer works great for printing cheap-o-banners except that skin tones and oranges are much too red.

I hate the idea of trashing the machine because of the single channel issue.

You can put the yellow in the LLK and use Gutenprint to run cheapo prints.