Epson 9890 clogging problems


Hi Dana, I have tried everything your tech support suggests trying to unclog my 9890. I am confused as to what is happening now and thought you might have some idea of what is going on. When I tried to print again I lost my LK channel completely. Tried normal cleanings and lost LLK, VLM, LC in addition to the LK. Gave it a rest and came back next day. This time I tried a power cleaning, and got two of the four channels back, the LLK and LC. So, I thought why not try another cleaning, I was making progress after all. Performed the cleaning and boom, lost the two channels I got back,( LLK and LC) but got back LK and VLM. So, it appears that each channel is getting ink at some point, but when I try to get rid of all the clogs I lose at least two of them. Any Ideas as to what is happening? I am at a loss. Thank you very much, Dean


Hi Dean~

It’s tough to diagnose exactly what is causing your problems, because these printer models are prone to strange issues…

What ink have you been using, and what is the remaining ink level of your carts? What are the temperature and humidity levels in your printing environment?

I’m wondering if you may be dealing with particle build up in the dampers, and would benefit from replacing the dampers (called the “selector unit” for this printer) and wiper blade. You can get these parts from (let them know we sent you).

Best~ Dana :slight_smile:


Hi Dana, thanks for responding quickly. I am using Epson K3 Vivid Magenta inks. My humidity is 60%. My inks are all low at this point, probably about 20-30%. I was going to get Cone Inks, but am waiting until this issue is resolved. My wiper blade looks brand new and my flushing and capping stations are in great shape. I have done very little printing with this printer as I got very ill soon after I purchased it and had to go through radiation and chemo for many months. However, even though I was ill I still performed daily nozzle checks and printed some photos at least once a week. Meanwhile my 4800 has been performing brilliantly. Why would I need a new selector when there has been such little use? I know this is difficult to diagnose but appreciate your help. Could my low inks have an affect on the cloggs? Thinking of getting some carts and Piezo Flush and then new Cone Inks, but am I wasting money when this printhead could be fried. I got a request from Epson shortly after buying this printer to purchase an extended warranty because of issues with the printhead. They wanted an additional $300. So kind of them, ha! If this was like a car, thousands of these printers would have been recalled by now. There are so many stories on the net about issues with the printhead. One guy though has figured out how to resolve all issues of clogging for good. His youtube video is here and it is well worth watching because this is how I feel at the moment: Thanks Dana, Dean