Epson 9880 Stylus Pro

I have a 9880 and my printer operators turned it on this morning and we had a problem. With my initial observation, I had found that it had a message in Japanese with the numbers 10000160 below it. All of the lights were flashing on it. So I turned it off and back on. Same thing after that happened. I called Epson and they stated that they didn’t know that particular error message. I am lost and our lab is quite busy this time of year. Please help all responses are appreciated.

Referencing the service manual, I see there are a few Service Call codes, none of them end with 160 though. Could it be:
100000E0 CPU address error (load)
100000C0 (A/C Power shut Off)
10000180 CPU reserved command code exception error

It appears that all of the 10000___ codes are CPU related in one way or another, this code is indicating a problem with the CPU, you need to determine which code it is.