Epson 9880 printing no vivid magenta at all all other colours fine

epson 9880 printing no vivid magenta at all all other colours fine , was all fine until refilled all cartridges then did nozzle check it printed the vivid magenta with few blocks missing the printer asked for power clean which I did then when trying to print the nozzle check after power clean there is no magenta at all have tried another power clean and intial fill still the same no magenta its like the magenta ink is not going into the print head any help would be great thanks

I think the problem is you have an air bubble in your line. Check it with a flashlight (also near the head portion). If it’s clear, you need to do another power clean.


hi walker have just tried another power clean still the same no magenta at all printing , ive looked at the ink cartridges and because of the intial fill and power cleans I have done they are all half full apart form the magenta cartridge which is completely full so no ink has come out at all , sure its something silly as was all fine before I filled the cartridges up thanks

Did you reprime the cartridge after filling?

I’m so sorry for the troubles.


Hi yes I’ve even brought an original epson magenta cartridge but still the same thanks

Don’t know. My only guess is that it’s something in the damper where it’s blocked entirely (either air lock or damper that just needs changing out, they should be changed ever 2 yrs about).


Thank you I’ve ordered a set of dampers will try that thanks