Epson 9880 preparation for piezo inks

Dear Dana, Walker and other members of the forum,

As my 9900 died, I am about to install piezo inks on the 9880 I had as a backup.

Prior to the conversion, I have some questions:

  • Do 9880 printers need their dampers unit and cleaning station being changed every year or so like it is recommended to the 9900 printers? Based on my terrible experience in changing these pieces on the 9900 (my printing head got damaged in the process, which was done by a technician), I would not like the idea of messing around with the printer any more…

  • Are 9880 more maintenance-free than 9900?

  • The 9880 was kept as a backup printer to the 9900, and as such has not printed very much. I ran some prints from time to time in order to keep the head moist, and also cleaned the cleaning station, wiper, etc. I have some occasional clogs that go away very quickly. Right now, all nozzles are firing well. What I was thinking was on loading it with piezoflush, leaving it for 48 hours and make a second init fill, to eventually get rid of any ink residues around. Then load with piezo selenium P2. Is there anything else you would recommend to do with this printer in preparation for its reconversion into piezo inks?

  • On the printer status > service life > section of the menu, I can read four * (full level) for the cleaning station, printing head, all motors… I bought it second hand, and the usage counter is at 242 meters. I guess that means the printer is quite “fresh”?

Thanks so much and regards,


Most likely the Pro inks will clear your dampers just fine if the printer has not printed much.

Yes. We have 9880s that are running on their current heads and have been for a decade with all sorts of weird ink that has gone through.

Hard to tell. It’s easy to reset these types of printers but most likely.

One note about these printers. Be very gentle about the cartridges and also shim them (gently also) with a little cardboard at the button where they go into the printer ink bay so they don’t move around during ink lever moves.
I also suggest popping the OEM chips off your OEM carts (reset them with the chip resetter) and use these on your IJM cartridges.

The two statements above come from using IJM carts in 98xx printers as a customer over about 12 years before I worked here . . . besides those two suggestions above, I have proven to myself that refill carts and the 9880 system is probably a very reliable system although the SC-P printers may be hard on the heals of 9880 printer however due to better dampers and cleaning assembly than 9900.