Epson 9880 initial fill loop

Using Cone refillable cartridges filled with Piezo Flush, I’m doing an initial fill. But now cartridge 6 says it needs to be replaced… even though it was working before I set the initial fill flag. So I switched 6 and 7 to see if the error was in the cartridge or the position and all 3 cartridges needed to be replaced. Then I replaced the chip with the chip from the unused cartridge from the photo black cassette (never used before) and now #5 needs to be replaced. So I think I need to somehow reset the printer…

Unplug it for an hour? does that do anything? Reboot in a different mode? Is there a way to clear this kind of round robin circle I’m in?

Do you still have the OEM carts? Those chips can be placed onto the refill carts and reset with the included resetter.

This may solve your problems. It certain has me over the years with this printer.

Really? I had those OEM cards hanging around for 2 years, and I finally got sick of looking at them, and “knowing” that I’d never used them again, tossed them, may be a month ago when my wife got on my ass to pair down the clutter.

Can I buy OEM chips somewhere? ebay? do you sell them?