Epson 9800 won't read new cartridges and it says "no ink"

i unclogged my epson 9800 printer at the beginning of last year
now because of covid i have not use my printer until now so its clogged again
i purchased piezo solution and a new cyan chip to clean the printer again and to correct the cartridge error “cyan”.
I did everything step by step and nothing works, i can get to start to initialize the cleaning cycle
the printer gives me a message saying out of ink and i have just put more piezo solution
please help! Let me know what else to try

thx, Ursula

Dear Ursula.

  1. Make sure your cartridge is not loose in the ink bay. Moving the ink lock lever up and down can loosen it, so wedging a small bit of cardboard under each cartridge to keep them firmly in place during that procedure will help with the movement contact issue. Do this and it should work. (remove and gently re-insert each cartridge properly before doing the wedge!)

  2. If it does not work, check that the chip is on the cart. If it came off you could easily have damaged the chip sensor (top right back) wire on the chip sensor inside the ink bay channel. Check the wires there to make sure nothing is bent.