Epson 9800 Replaced Dampers Now won't print

I replaced the Dampers on my 9800 today. Now nothing at all prints, just a blank paper. I’ve ran cleaning cycles & 2 power cycles & still nothing. I’ve looked at the ink lines feeding into the dampers & they are empty, it appears no ink is being pulled through the dampers. Any idea?

I also ran the initial fill procedure & no ink is being pumped to the dampers. Is this a pump cap assembly problem?

When was the last time you replaced the Capping Station, Wiper Blade & Flushing Box? It sounds like the printer is starving itself of ink.

I’ve never replaced them & it’s due, but before replacing the dampers it was still getting ink just was starting to have frequent hard to clear clogs. Now no ink present at all. Any ideas of a good source for the parts? It seems like I would be printing some ink if it that was the problem though.

Can you hear the pump coming on when you start the printer?

There is a possibility that before replacing the dampers, there was already a “vacuum” for lack of better term that was holding the pressure of ink through line, through dampers and into capping station. But after replacing the dampers you lost that “vacuum” on ink through line, into damper and if the capping station is gummed up it won’t allow for flow on inks as readily.

Compass Micro is the resource we recommend for replacement parts

Start by replacing the suggested parts and while you’re in there, double check the connection of your dampers and that they are seated snuggly onto the head, that the ink lines are securely screwed onto the dampers & not leaking.

Good Luck & keep me posted ,Kelly

I had a thought, normally after replacing dampers you perform an Initial Fill, this will essentially purge the system of air and bring ink to the head. Cleaning cycles are not enough to move the ink/air that far, make sure you have enough ink in your cartridges and the chips are reset to full before performing the Initial Fill.

If this works, it’s still a good idea to replace the Capping Station, Flushing Box & Wiper blade, they are simple replacements that will prolong the life of the printer.

I did the initial fill after trying the cleaning cycle without any good results. Are these the correct parts?Pump Cap Assembly 1305717 (I do not see the capping station (the pad only) as a separate part through (Compassmicro) , Flushing box Assembly Rt. 1305746 & Head cleaner (wiper) 1472715

Yes, these are the correct part #'s, they also recommend purchasing the Waste ink tube for the flushing box, part#1441762 ref#661
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The parts should arrive tomorrow & hopefully I’ll be back in business. I have another question. I changed the dampers just prior to the current problem. For lack of knowing were to order the dampers I purchased them on Ebay. They were considerably cheaper than ordering them from Compass Micro. Could this be a problem using inferior dampers or is that of little concern.

Personally I would only trust a reliable source such as Compass Micro, we buy all of our replacement parts there. It would be wise for you to replace those dampers with ones from Compass Micro.

Thanks, I will take your advice

Thanks for you help. I have it back up & running & hopefully problem free for some time. I’ve searched & haven’t found a source (in the USA, found some China sources) for the print head (in case I need one in the future) for the 9800. Is it not available anymore as an OEM replacement?

Unfortunately Epson no longer allows the sale of print heads to anyone other than professional service centers, so individuals can’t buy and replace their own heads as they used to be able to- but, you may still be able to find replacement heads online from China (just be careful who you purchase from, and try getting the best quality replacement head for your machine)

Best~ Dana